Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Cloth or Not To Cloth....Tis The Question.

Cloth Diapers….I seem to get mixed feelings when people find out that we cloth diaper.
What I can’t figure out is why?
1.       It’s CHEAP!!!!!!
2.       It’s super easy
3.       It feels great being green
4.       It’s better for her bum. and as we all know a happy baby is a happy mama!
5.       Well they are just so much cuter than disposable diapers.

So I’ve decided to do a picture tutorial on how we cloth diaper if you have any questions feel free to ask! I would love to answer any questions you may have. Cloth diapering has been an interesting journey for us but my wallet and I are so glad I decided to try it again after the first failed attempt. Enjoy!

Our list of products:
20- Prefolds, we have an assortment. A few Green Mountain Diapers, Bummis and both kinds of Gerber.
7- Thirsties Duo Wraps
4-Hemp Boosters
3- Snappies
A Roll of Bummis’s large Bio-Soft Liners
3- Tote bags- 1 small, med, and lg. I use the small for day trips and I swap the large and medium between laundries.
1-Magic Stick, diaper protection (I liked it because it’s in stick form and it smells delicious)
Thirsties Pre-Soak and Superwash!
We even have a Bummis Cloth Swim Diaper =)
This list is simply what we have, they does not mean it’s exactly what you need. I feel our system works great for us, it took me a minute to get used to it but now I love it. So don’t read this list and think oh crap you need all that! You don’t. It is simply what I have found to work well for us.
This is my stash of covers drying and/or waiting to be used, with the wet bag holding all the dirties. The little purple on is my “outing bag” small enough yet large enough to hold a day’s worth of diapers.

The types of prefolds I own from left to right. 1st is the Gerber Weave Flatfold- barely absorbent, will work though. Personally I use these at home when I know she’ll need a change soon. 2nd is Gerber Gauze Weave- these are more absorbent than the 1st but still not the best. 3rd is Bummis which happens to be my favorite, its soft and super absorbent. 4th is a Green Mountain Diaper, not sure what size I had Berne shorten them for me! These are just as comparable as the Bummis. I would not recommend spending your money on the Gerber but if you already have them they will work.

These are hemp “boosters” just a little something you can throw in to make your diaper more absorbent. I got these on consignment. I use them during nap time or if I know we’re going to be out and about running errands.
The Accessories!
The Bummis Bio-Liners, Snappies and Magic Stick. The Bio-liners are a godsend. Plain and simple these will save your diapers from major direct poop contact! (Ha ha poo, TAKE THAT!) You lift and flush, most of the time the entire mess is contained so then you good to go. The Snappies is a genius invention, an EASY to use fastener that offers a PRACTICAL and RELIABLE way to fasten a cloth diaper, replacing the diaper pin. It is T-shaped with 'teeth' on each end. These 'teeth' hook into the diaper fabric to ensure a snug-fitting diaper with enough natural movement for the baby. YAY! And lastly the MAGIC STICK…as you probably do not know, you are not suppose to use conventional diaper creams with CD generally this makes your diapers less absorbent. Magic stick is an all natural diapering ointment. Easy to use magic stick goes on smooth and keeps baby’s delicate area protected and comfortable. Magic stick's all natural, organic ingredients and petroleum-free formula is safe to use with cloth or disposable diapers. This is a link you can check out to see if your diaper cream is CD compatible http://www.pinstripesandpolkadots.com/diaperrashcreams.htm .
Thirsties Pre-Wash and Super Wash! This is the genius, no brainer laundry detergent! I have not had a single problem with diaper rash or anything of its kind since I switched over to Thirsties. I tried Rock Green and some off brand detergent both of these caused an awful rash and really stinky diaper every time! After one load of laundry with the Thirsties wah-la the problem solved! I generally wash diapers every 3-4 days.
Bummis Swimmi, well the picture says enough…it’s so cute! I got a little surfer girl top to go with it! <3

Flip disposable inserts. These are made by BumGenius and are great to keep on hand for those times when you just need a sposie. I like to use these at night time or for a really long car ride they are great! Just lay it in your cover and close it up.

 Pictured Below: The following is step-by-step photos of start to finish putting the diaper on.

Start here.

lay insert over center for easy poo removal

Place baby on the back half, if your prefold is too long fold over any extra material.

Secure sides with one hand.
Tuck down and

Secure in place with a Snappi

Put cover of choice on. My favorite of course is Thirsties Duo Diaper Wrap!!!

You can also watch the following video tutiorial on youtube:
Just a few facts about why you should choose cloth diapers!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sentimental Moments

How fast the days just fly by. I cannot believe how much Illyria has changed in the past year. We are getting ready to move (less than 2 weeks) so of course that means I’m whittling away at all the stuff we have. Organizing and getting ready…well today I stumbled upon Illyria’s baby box. I’m keeping a box of stuff for her cards, growth charts, journal, pictures, my favorite baby outfits, and etc. Well I just had to sit down and start sifting through the pictures and I came across this one from last year of her on our balcony. It’s a world of difference! Last year this time she was just starting to pull up on things, attempting to stand on her own two feet. This year she is chatting up a storm, RUNNING, and we are catching glimpses of this thing I keep hearing about called the Terrible Two’s! She is independent, hard-headed and generally happy =) How in such a short time has she grown so much?!  
Sometimes I get sappy and just wish I could bottle this time up and slowly pour it out vs. just tipping the whole damn bottle over dumping it all out at once. Every day she amazes me, whether it’s eating some new vegetable or randomly speaking these new three word sentences. I love it and try to relish in as many moments as possible but often wish it would just slow down a bit.

(Note it's the same dress ;)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Weekend at a Glance

What a weekend!
Friday, Mom and I went to a Pampered Chef party which was very enjoyable. Kind of funny because about ¼ of the party was women who are from or at one point had lived in Michigan. (Small World) I only ended up spending $70 bucks which is incredible to say the least. There stuff is pricey but so worth it in my opinion. I cannot wait to see that box on my door step! I will finally have the coveted baking stone everyone and their mother has been raving to me about. Plus it comes with a 3yr warranty, score!
Saturday, Berne, Mom, the girls and I went to the Greenville Zoo. Which was a great idea except all of Greenville thought the same thing too! Nonetheless we had a great time. The girls are so great together, it truly melts my heart. After the zoo, we were leaving and this brilliant ice cream truck was sitting at the exit….We got a couple snow cones and two popsicles. Now Illyria has never had a Popsicle before and boy was that funny/adorable; she ate it right down to the stick and was a hot sticky mess. That evening we went to Doc Chey’s….which is of course our go to restaurant. We waited a while but it all worked out in the end. Mmm, I got my delicious Thai Broccoli w/ beef, it’s so yummy. Illyria actually ate a spring roll and some lo Mein, which is incredible! She seems to slowly but surely be opening her mind and body to new foods. She always surprises me =)
Sunday, ah glorious, Sunday how you’re loved. We went to Mom’s for breakfast, which was very nice. Nothing like mom’s french toast. But then again most things are better when you get to eat and not prepare ;) After Mom, Illyria and I took a walk down the road to feed the donkey and horses. The donkey was cute and very soft. Then Illyria and I came home we took a 3 hour nap!!!!! It was fabulous and refreshing after yesterday.
Here’s to another amazing week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

Today marks the start of a new chapter for me. I have been looking for something to do in the down time of being a SAHM. My goal is to update this at least once a week if not more. (We’ll see how that goes!)
 I have been enjoying every crazy minute of the past 16 months. Life as a mom is insane sometimes…little to no sleep most days, learning to be a parent without screwing up your kid in the process, and all the interesting scenarios that come up involving but not limited to the following…shitty diapers, throw-up, and mountains of laundry. Welcome to the trenches folks!