Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Weekend at a Glance

What a weekend!
Friday, Mom and I went to a Pampered Chef party which was very enjoyable. Kind of funny because about ¼ of the party was women who are from or at one point had lived in Michigan. (Small World) I only ended up spending $70 bucks which is incredible to say the least. There stuff is pricey but so worth it in my opinion. I cannot wait to see that box on my door step! I will finally have the coveted baking stone everyone and their mother has been raving to me about. Plus it comes with a 3yr warranty, score!
Saturday, Berne, Mom, the girls and I went to the Greenville Zoo. Which was a great idea except all of Greenville thought the same thing too! Nonetheless we had a great time. The girls are so great together, it truly melts my heart. After the zoo, we were leaving and this brilliant ice cream truck was sitting at the exit….We got a couple snow cones and two popsicles. Now Illyria has never had a Popsicle before and boy was that funny/adorable; she ate it right down to the stick and was a hot sticky mess. That evening we went to Doc Chey’s….which is of course our go to restaurant. We waited a while but it all worked out in the end. Mmm, I got my delicious Thai Broccoli w/ beef, it’s so yummy. Illyria actually ate a spring roll and some lo Mein, which is incredible! She seems to slowly but surely be opening her mind and body to new foods. She always surprises me =)
Sunday, ah glorious, Sunday how you’re loved. We went to Mom’s for breakfast, which was very nice. Nothing like mom’s french toast. But then again most things are better when you get to eat and not prepare ;) After Mom, Illyria and I took a walk down the road to feed the donkey and horses. The donkey was cute and very soft. Then Illyria and I came home we took a 3 hour nap!!!!! It was fabulous and refreshing after yesterday.
Here’s to another amazing week!

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