Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sentimental Moments

How fast the days just fly by. I cannot believe how much Illyria has changed in the past year. We are getting ready to move (less than 2 weeks) so of course that means I’m whittling away at all the stuff we have. Organizing and getting ready…well today I stumbled upon Illyria’s baby box. I’m keeping a box of stuff for her cards, growth charts, journal, pictures, my favorite baby outfits, and etc. Well I just had to sit down and start sifting through the pictures and I came across this one from last year of her on our balcony. It’s a world of difference! Last year this time she was just starting to pull up on things, attempting to stand on her own two feet. This year she is chatting up a storm, RUNNING, and we are catching glimpses of this thing I keep hearing about called the Terrible Two’s! She is independent, hard-headed and generally happy =) How in such a short time has she grown so much?!  
Sometimes I get sappy and just wish I could bottle this time up and slowly pour it out vs. just tipping the whole damn bottle over dumping it all out at once. Every day she amazes me, whether it’s eating some new vegetable or randomly speaking these new three word sentences. I love it and try to relish in as many moments as possible but often wish it would just slow down a bit.

(Note it's the same dress ;)

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